So, you want to move Scottsdale? Or maybe you’re on the fence. We can tell you from experience that it’s an exciting time to be in this beautiful city! It seems like every day we’re reading headlines about the city’s growth and recognitions and now is the right time to buy if you’re looking for a property that will only grow in value!

Although there are dozens of reasons to want to live in Scottsdale, we narrowed down five of our top reasons to call this city home!

Scottsdale has an impressive culinary scene that's not too exclusive.

Unlike the foodie meccas of San Francisco, New York or Chicago, Phoenix/Scottsdale has some nationally-rated and raved about food destinations that do not require an hour plus wait or having to be in-the-know with someone. Arizona was home to six James Beard Award semifinalists in 2017 alone! Scottsdale has also been featured on a handful of Food Network shows including “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” “The Next Food Network Star” and “Iron Chef America.”

Scottsdale is home to some of the best-rated golf courses in the country; and is also home to a major golf tournament. 

Scottsdale is consistently ranked in the “best of” lists for golf courses in countless national golf magazines. A large portion of the Arizona’s best courses are located in North Scottsdale and Carefree, bringing world-class entertainment and athletics into your backyard. Scottsdale is also home to the “The Greatest Show on Grass” -- The Waste Management Phoenix Open. Although the Phoenix Opens in not a PGA Major Tournament, the total attendance in 2017 was 655,434!

Scottsdale is home to the incredibly rare (and beautiful) Sonoran Desert.

The unique Sonoran desert landscape can only be found in parts of Arizona, Baja California and some of the Northern regions of Mexico. Other than that, you cannot find this surprisingly lush and diverse desert anywhere else on the planet! The shrubbery, cacti, flowers, trees and other plants bring about a thriving ecosystem of butterflies, lizards and reptiles, hundreds of bird species, mountain lions, bobcats, wolves and coyotes! You can almost expect to see something exciting whenever you head outdoors! Learn more about it here!

Scottsdale is on the cutting-edge of medical science. 

Scottsdale is home to some of the world’s best surgeons, specialists, facilities and medical breakthroughs! Over the last few years Scottsdale has witnessed the FDA approval of a new skin cancer drug, a dissolvable heart stent, new treatments for Parkinson’s Disease and much more! Much of the healthcare and biotech industry in Scottsdale is located in the “Cure Corridor” located along Shea Boulevard and Scottsdale Road. This area is also home to the Mayo Clinic. According to the City of Scottsdale’s website, “13 percent of all Metro area bio-life sciences employment is located in the City of Scottsdale, at facilities such Mayo Clinic and Honor Health.”

Scottsdale's housing market is affordable and accessible — For now. 

As Scottsdale and Phoenix continue to attract cutting-edge business and entertainment, it’s only a matter of time before the same thing that happens to every other leading city, happens here: It will become expensive. For now, as the city still embarks on its growth stages the cost-of-living is incredibly low when compared to other major cities -- about 30% less than Los Angeles -- and the Valley’s amenities.